Transforming organizations through Innovative Solutions

Education Sector

Public educators face major challenges that will reshape educational programs during this century. Technological advances are progressing faster than districts can capitalize on them. Parents and legislators expect schools to achieve a greater return on their investment by delivering quality instruction. School districts must educate an increasingly large number of students with diverse backgrounds and educational needs. That is why decision makers in so many public school systems are turning to companies that KNOW the Education Industry. Many of our professionals are former teachers and administrators. Our K-12 experience and technology expertise enables us to develop, deliver, and manage comprehensive solutions to meet the challenges which teachers, administrators, and school board members face in today's challenging environment.

For more than a decade Allfon and its strategic partners have helped school districts use technology solutions to meet the increasing demands for information placed on our schools. We have delivered services and innovative solutions to school systems ranging in size from 20,000 students to more than 200,000. We are actively working to bridge the gap between education and Information Technology, with projects ranging from business strategy engagements, which redesign and make school systems more efficient, to building performance management data warehouses, to developing statewide reporting systems, to implementing enterprise resource planning applications.

Our consultants support clients in the translation of Innovative and core competencies into real business values by formulating strategies, managing change, and realizing benefits. Working collaboratively with clients, we provide solutions to the business needs with which your organization is confronted, such as growing revenues, streamlining costs, and linking decision making, and providing additional revenues for students.